Æthelstan, King of the English

Worcester Manuscript (D) 924: "Here King Edward died at Farndon in mercia; and very soon, 16 days after, his son Ælfweard died at Oxford; and their bodies lie at Winchester. And Æthelstan was chosen as king by the Mercians and consecrated at Kingston [Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey]; and he gave his sister across the sea to the … Continue reading Æthelstan, King of the English

The Survival of Duke William II in Normandy: 1035-57

The twenty-two-year period that this post looks at were, I think it safe to say, not only years of extreme difficulty and hardship for William and Normandy, but perhaps years that while we cannot say for certain they shaped him completely, they must have helped forge him into the Conqueror of popular imagination: a hard … Continue reading The Survival of Duke William II in Normandy: 1035-57

Æthelwulf, King of Wessex

"...and Æthelwulf, Egbert's offspring, succeeded to the kingdom of Wessex, and he granted his son Æthelstan the kingdom of the inhabitants of Kent and the East Saxons and Surrey and South Saxons." Part 6 of our ramble through the monarchy of (geographically speaking at least) England, is finally here! This time it's all about Æthelwulf … Continue reading Æthelwulf, King of Wessex