Æthelstan, King of the English

Worcester Manuscript (D) 924: "Here King Edward died at Farndon in mercia; and very soon, 16 days after, his son Ælfweard died at Oxford; and their bodies lie at Winchester. And Æthelstan was chosen as king by the Mercians and consecrated at Kingston [Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey]; and he gave his sister across the sea to the … Continue reading Æthelstan, King of the English

Rollo, first Count of Rouen: A saga of sorts

‘This Hrolf was so big that no horse could carry him, which is why he was given the name Göngu-Hrolf. The earls of Rouen and the kings of England are descended from him.’ Orkneyinga Saga So in my last post (How do you solve a problem like Rollo?) I wrote a few very brief introductions to … Continue reading Rollo, first Count of Rouen: A saga of sorts