Ecgberht of Wessex

As much as it pains me, we're leaving Mercia behind (at least for the time being) and heading south to Wessex. This time we're looking at possibly my third favourite figure from the show Vikings (if any of my former lecturers are reading this, please don't hate me): King Ecgberht, portrayed by the superb Linus … Continue reading Ecgberht of Wessex

Æthelbald of Mercia

The first mention of our man in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (E version) is under 716: 'And then Æthelbald succeeded to the kingdom in Mercia and held it 41 years'. That's right, we're keeping it local again because I feel personally affronted by everyone's obsession with Wessex over my home team. So why have I chosen … Continue reading Æthelbald of Mercia