Wenlock Priory: Elysian ruins

Yes, I know, it's been nearly four months. I'm sorry. But moving swiftly on from my lack of activity on this blog, I think I've got a decent subject (and some rather fetching photographs if I say so myself) to try and make amends. I visited Wenlock in October of last year and as usual … Continue reading Wenlock Priory: Elysian ruins

Wigmore Castle: A Hidden Stronghold

I really need to work on my punctuality and have some kind of schedule when it comes to these posts don't I? Regardless, a couple of months after my last post where I may or may not have promised more blog entries (whoops) here we are at long last! And this one is, if I … Continue reading Wigmore Castle: A Hidden Stronghold

The Survival of Duke William II in Normandy: 1035-57

The twenty-two-year period that this post looks at were, I think it safe to say, not only years of extreme difficulty and hardship for William and Normandy, but perhaps years that while we cannot say for certain they shaped him completely, they must have helped forge him into the Conqueror of popular imagination: a hard … Continue reading The Survival of Duke William II in Normandy: 1035-57